Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council
Gate No.-5, Khurshid Lal Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi -110001

Date: – 6/04/2017

Circular – 43

Dear TEPC Members

On behalf of Returning officer, the following election notice is being issued by the TEPC secretariat.

TEPC had conducted its elections for the Governing Council on 9th January 2015 for duration of 2 years. Chairman, TEPC has decided to conduct election of new Governing Council on 16 th January 2017, 9:00 hrs -15:00 hrs through e voting.

2. I have been nominated as Returning Officer for the conduct of above said election.

3. TEPC Bye Laws has following provisions related to election:

“4. Eligibility for Elections

4.1 Right to vote, etc, confined to ordinary members

Only an ordinary member shall have the right to vote at, or to offer himself as a candidate at elections to various positions in the TEPC.

4.2 Eligibility of ordinary members

A candidate for election to any position in the Council must satisfy the following conditions namely;
a) He, or the entity represented by him, must have, to his or its credit, during the one financial year immediately preceding, exports of the products of not less than the amount mentioned below:
(i) Small scale industries Rs.25 lakhs
(ii) Others Rs.1 crore
b) Where a person is standing for election as Chairman or Vice Chairman or Regional Chairman etc, he, or the entity represented by him, must have, to his or its credit, during the one financial year immediately preceding, exports of the product, of not less than rupees 2 crores.”

Members are advised to refer Bye Laws of TEPC and related provisions for elections.

3. Members eligible to vote
According to Department of Commerce No. 12/2/2013-E&MDA dated 7 th December 2015, E-voting should be done by all members eligible to vote. TEPC has decided cut off date for eligible members to vote as those who have paid their membership fee for the current year on or before 30 th December 2016 up to 17.00 hrs.

4. Applicable forms and other information, including the complete election schedule, are enclosed in the Annex A to Annex D to this Election Notice. Nominations are invited for 10 positions of Governing Council Members. Please send your scanned copy of nomination(s) addressed to the undersigned by email to and with copy to TEPC secretariat on or before 11 th January 2017 up to 17:00 hrs with hard copy by post to TEPC Secretariat.

6. Request for withdrawal of the nominations should be sent to the undersigned on or before 13 th January 2017 upto 17:00 hrs.

7. Objections to nominations, if any, can also be mailed to the Election Officer by 13th January 2017 upto 17:00 hrs. Final list of eligible candidates will be intimated on 13th January 2017 by 17:30 hrs through email to all eligible members’ representative.

8. The process of election will be completed with the help from the TEPC Secretariat.

Amit Yadav
(Returning Officer designated by TEPC for Governing Council Election)
Joint Secretary, Admin
Department of Telecommunications20, ashokan Road, New Delhi-110001

Warm Regards

Rakesh Kumar Bhatnagar
Director General
Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC)
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New Delhi – 110001
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