Valiant Communications

Valiant Communications Limited


Valiant's technological strengths span a wide cross-section of technologies which include TDM and IP/Ethernet Transmission and Terminal Multiplexers, Teleprotection, Time and Frequency Synchronization, TDM over IP / TDM over Ethernet technologies (for integrating 2G/3G/LTE Networks), TDM over IP Synchronous Ethernet using PTP IEEE-1588v2 (Precision Clock Synchronization), GPS Primary Reference Clock (PRC), IEEE-1588v2 PTP Grandmaster, IEEE-1588v2 Slave solutions, NTP Servers, Sub-Master Clocks, IP over TDM (Ethernet over E1/PDH/SDH), SDH multiplexers, E1 and T1 Digital Access Cross-Connects, E1 and T1 Hi-Z Non-Intrusive Monitoring solutions, Automatic Protection Switching and Failover solutions, Echo Cancellers and Voice Quality Enhancement systems, industrial-grade AC-DC, DC-DC Converters and a wide range of passive products which include Monitoring Panels, Splitters and Patch Panels.Valiant has a fast paced new product development strategy. Valiant's new product development is centered on integrating voice, data, IP networks, along with a strong focus on network security.


Telecom, Power Utility, Oil & Gas,Time & Frequency Synchronization,Railways / MetroRail,Airport Communications,Defence Networks solutions


IP Multiplexers, E1 PDH Multiplexers, Digital Teleprotection, SDH Multiplexers, GPS Primary Reference Master Clocks, PTP 1588v2 Grandmaster & Slave Clocks, NTP Servers, Sync Audit Services, IP/Ethernet over TDM, TDM over Packet/Ethernet, Automatic Protection Switching, Encryption solutions.


  • Power Utility
  • Oil & Gas
  • Time & Frequency Synchronization
  • Mobile Backhaul
  • Railways / MetroRail
  • Airport Communications
  • Defence Networks solutions