Vehere Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

Vehere Interactive Pvt. Ltd.


Vehere was founded in 2006 to revolutionise the communication and cyber intelligence technology, with the ultimate goal of neutralising crime and terror. Vehere was formed under the belief that in a future where humanity is out exploring the newer communications platform, it is fundamentally important to collect, decipher and analyse information from varied networks and data source while protecting the privacy rights.Today Vehere is actively developing technologies to make this possible, with the goal of enabling a safer world. It is backed by cutting edge researches and close to a decade of experience with deployments ranging from tactical solutions to large nationwide strategic monitoring centers across continents.Vehere’s solutions help Law Enforcement & National Security (LENS) agencies to neutralise crime and terror, facilitate the Communication Service Provider (CSP) compliance and help government agencies protect national critical infrastructures and data from cyber threats. Key Highlights - Consistently ranked amongst the fastest growing technology firm by prestigious institutes - Published cutting edge researches in prestigious institutions including IEEE, Springer, IJCN etc. Vehere publishes a new research on an average every quarter - Protecting the privacy and security of sensitive customer data


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