Advantage of Membership

  • All Members shall be listed on the TEPC website with their product details and also a listing shall be provided in TEPC Annual Directory.
  • Information and access to numerous Telecom, IT & Allied Events, Programmers & Seminars both domestic and in International markets.
  • Members shall be able to avail facilities during overseas delegations, conferences, exhibitions and B2B meets.
  • First hand information and part of decision making by participation in technical specifications, procurement procedures, policy formulations, Annual Plan.
  • Participation in regular buyer seller meets with DoT, BSNL, MTNL, TRAI, TDSAT, TEC, QA, private Telecom Operators, and International Delegations.
  • Access and subsidized participation to domestic and foreign trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences.
  • Expert Guidance and solutions on various procurement related issues of Telecom Clients worldwide.
  • Excellent Networking opportunities at regular intervals.
  • Information on all Telecom Tenders, Access to good Data Bank.

The most prominent services to our members include:

  • Vital Opportunity to have a say as a stake holder through TEPC in various government policy formulations.
  • Member of TEPC automatically gives each member a right to be a member of TEPC Expert Committees on various topics/Issues headed by an Industry Expert. The meetings are held on a regular interval on bimonthly/monthly basis for quick and prompt action. Technical, Commercial and Strategic Views are Invited and shared helping the members to charter a roadmap for their own respective companies for future sustainability in this rapidly changing Telecom sector.
  • Interaction with Policy makers, Government, various National Confederations of Industries, overseas Delegations, Exhibition Organizers, Market Development Assistance Authorities, Excise and Customs Departments, Telecom Engineering Center for product specifications etc.
  • Tender Information, New Policies, and member/industry related data to be circulated to all members for the benefit of constituting members.
  • Being an autonomous and a democratic body, representatives from different member companies are always invited to head the TEPC on an annual basis.
  • Access to key Industry Events and Conferences, both at domestic and at International level.

Assistance given to members under MDA Scheme:

  • Exporting companies with an f.o.b. value of exports of upto Rs. 30 crore in the preceding year will be eligible for MDA assistance for participation in trade delegations/BSMs/fairs/exhibitions abroad to explore new markets for export of their specific product(s) and commodities from India in the initial phase This will be subject to the condition that the exporter is having complete 12 months membership with concerned EPC etc. and filing of returns with concerned EPC/organisation regularly. However, this condition would not apply in case of a new EPC for a period of 5 years from the date of its creation.
  • Assistance would be permissible on travel expenses by air, in economy excursion class fair and/or charges of the built up furnished stall. This would, however, be subject to an upper ceiling mentioned below in the table per tour.
S.No. Area/Sector (2) No of Visits (3) Maximum Financial ceiling per event (4)
1 Focus LAC 1 Rs. 2,50,000
2 Focus Africa
(including WANA Countries)
1 Rs. 2,00,000
3 Focus CIS 1 Rs. 2,00,000
4 Focus ASEAN+2 1 Rs. 2,00,000
5 General Areas 1 Rs. 1,50,000
Total 5 General Areas

The participation of individual companies in the above activities shall be subject to the following conditions:

  • For EPC etc. led Trade Delegations/BSMs only air-fare by Economy Excursion class upto a maximum of Rs. 70,000 (Rs. 1,00,000 in case of Focus LAC) shall be permissible. For participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibitions reimbursement shall be permissible subject to ceilings mentioned in the column 4 in the above table.
  • Maximum number of permissible participations shall be five in a financial year as indicated in above table (No travel grant is permissible for visit to General Areas). However, for priority sectors, having large employment generation potential, viz. Agriculture including food items, Handicrafts, Handlooms, Carpets, Leather & Minor Forest Produce including LAC, 2 (two) participations in General Areas would be admissible with the assistance of Rs. 1,50,000 for each participation. The exporters availing of assistance under this provision would, however, be in addition to these participations, eligible for only any 2 Focus Area participations.
  • Assistance shall be permissible to one regular employee/director/ partner/proprietor of the company. Assistance would not be available to exporter of foreign nationality or holding foreign passport.
  • Intimation application must be received in the concerned EPC etc. with a minimum of 14 days clear advance notice excluding the date of receipt of application in the office of the concerned organization and the date of departure from the country.
  • The company shall not be under investigation/charged/prosecuted/ debarred/black listed under the Foreign Trade Policy of India or any other law relating to export and import business.
  • Member exporters of EPCs etc. would also be eligible for MDA assistance for participation in events organized by ITPO abroad. Their applications / claims would by routed/reimbursed through concerned EPC etc.
  • Maximum MDA assistance shall be inclusive of MDA assistance received from all Govt. bodies/FIEO/EPCs/Commodity Boards/Export Development Authorities/ITPO etc.,
  • A Maximum of three participations in a particular trade fair/exhibition would be eligible for MDA assistance and exporting companies after availing assistance three times including past cases for a particular fair/exhibition, have to participate in that fair, if any, on self-financing basis.

Assistance under MAI Scheme:

The following activities will be eligible for financial assistance under the Scheme:

  • Marketing Projects Abroad:
  • To support marketing projects abroad based on focus product or focus country approach. Under marketing projects, the following activities will be funded:
    • Opening of Showrooms & Warehouses
    • Organising “Trade Festival of India” – a multi-sectoral event to be organised in select centers abroad to promote ‘Brand India’ by showcasing our strength in services like Health (Ayurveda & Yoga), Taste of India (Indian Cuisine), Tourism, Culture, etc., besides merchandise
    • National Level Participation in Major International Trade Fairs etc.
    • Display in International departmental stores;
    • Publication of World Class Catalogues
    • Publicity Campaign and Brand Promotion
    • Research and Product Development
    • To support Recognized associations in Industrial clusters for marketing abroad
    • Reverse visits of the prominent buyers, etc., from the project focus countries.
  • Capacity Building:
    • For imparting training to the Indian Exporters w.r.t. to export in general and on specific region/country basis;
    • For up-gradation/improvements in Laboratories, Universities, Research Institutions on stand alone or Public Private Partnership basis for fulfilling SPS measures/related testing etc. including reimbursement of testing charges
    • For quality up-gradation of select products for export markets (by skill upgradation using experts/designers, production process improvements, reduction in rejections etc.)
    • For developing Common facility centers; design centers; packaging, etc.
    • For hiring consultants in the buyer/prospective country
  • Support for Statutory Compliances:
    • Charges/expenses for compliance of statutory requirements in the buyer country including Testing charges for engineering products abroad; Registration charges for product registration abroad for pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and agro-chemicals clinical trials for drugs/pharmaceuticals & medical disposables, medical equipment etc.
    • Other commodities/product groups and the nature of compliance covered for reimbursement under the scheme shall be as approved by the Empowered Committee on a case to case basis.
    • For contesting litigation(s) in the foreign country concerning restrictions/anti dumping duties etc. on particular product(s) of Indian origin. The commodity/ product groups, nature of litigation to be supported and the extent of support shall be as decided by the Empowered Committee on a case to case basis.
  • Studies:
    • Market studies/survey for evolving proper marketing strategies;
    • Export Potential Survey of the States;
    • Projects/Study which further the objectives of the schemes;
    • WTO studies for evolving WTO compatible strategy;
    • All Trade related studies including Joint Study Group(JSG), Free Trade Agreement(FTA), Regional Trade Agreement(RTA) studies etc. Only specific markets studies would be undertaken and these studies would be entrusted to reputed professional organizations.
  • Project Development:
    • To generate focused projects leading to substantial improvement in market access, a shelf of projects shall be prepared by engaging reputed professional organisations. A special focus would be on preparation of projects pertaining to priority sectors and sectors having substantial employment generation potential.